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Smart Pro Supercharged Software Kit ADS2802 (Only Software)


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Smart Pro is a state-of-the-art vehicle key programmer that provides fast, easy and intuitive programming via the graphical user interface. Software is driven by MYKEYS Pro, the online key programming database with information for over 5000 vehicles; covering most makes and models worldwide.

Expertly engineered with high-quality components ensures you of high-security standards and outstanding performance. The customized operating system has been designed and developed by Advanced Diagnostics; the foremost authority in vehicle key programming.


Software Modules Included

– ADS-100 Ford Basic, PATS 4 & 5, Catera Software (Cat A)
– ADS-110 Acura/Honda Basic+ 2007 Software (Cat A)
– ADS-112 Nissan USA Software (Cat A)
– ADS-113 Chrysler Basic, CAN, Remotes Software (Cat A)
– ADS-115 Audi & VW incl PIN read Software (Cat A)
– ADS-117 Mitsubishi USA Software (Cat B)
– ADS-118 Hyundai/KIA Software (Cat B)
– ADS-125 Lexus & Toyota Type 1 Software (Cat A)
– ADS-127 Subaru USA Software (Cat B)
– ADS-133 Mazda CAN Software (Cat A)
– ADS-135 Isuzu Software (Cat C)
– ADS-137 Sprinter USA Software (Cat C)
– ADS-138 GM USA Basic incl GTO & Saturn Software (Cat A)
– ADS-139 GM CAN Software (Cat A)
– ADS-144 Saab USA Software (Cat B)
– ADS-146 Audi & VW CAN Software (Cat A)
– ADS-147 Hyundai/KIA CAN Software (Cat C)
– ADS-150 Toyota 2007 Software (Cat B)
– ADS-151 Jaguar USA Software (Cat A)
– ADS-154 Mitsubishi CAN/PROX Software (Cat A)
– ADS-156 Chrysler Fobik CAN Software (Cat A)
– ADS-157 Chrysler PIN Read Software (Cat B)
– ADS-159 Nissan CAN PROX Software (Cat A)
– ADS-164 Land Rover Software (Cat A)
– ADS-166 Honda/Acura 2008+ Software (Cat B)
– ADS-172 Ford 2010 Software (Cat B)
– ADS-173 Chrysler 2010 Software (Cat B)
– ADS-174 Toyota 2010 Software (Cat A)
– ADS-175 Ford 2011 Software (Cat B)
– ADS-178 Chrysler PROX 2011 Software (Cat A)
– ADS-179 Smart Car Software (Cat A)
– ADS-181 Fiat USA Software (Cat C)
– ADS-187 GM Proximity Software (Cat A)
– ADS-189 Mitsubishi – Add Key Only Software (Cat B)
– ADS-190 Ford Parameter Reset Software (Cat C)
– ADS-193 Honda/Acura PROX 2013 Software (Cat A)
– ADS-195 Dodge Dart PROX/FOBIK Software (Cat A)
– ADS-196 Hyundai/Kia 2012 Software (Cat B)
– ADS-197 Nissan 2013 Software (Cat A)
– ADS-199 Toyota 2013 Software (Cat B)
– ADS-207 Jaguar/Land Rover 2013 Software (Cat A)
– ADS-209 2013 Ford USA Software (Cat A)
– ADS-219 VAG 2013 Software (Cat A)
– ADS-223 GM 2014 Software (Cat A+)
– ADS-225 2014 Mazda Software (Cat A)
– ADS-227 Toyota 2015 (Cat A)
– ADS-228 Subaru 2015 (Cat C)
– ADS-230 VAG Instument Cluster Reset (Cat C)
– ADS-231 FIAT 2015 (Cat C)
– ADS-234 JEEP CHRYSLER FIAT 2016 (Cat A+)
– ADS-255 SUBARU 2016 (Cat C)
– ADS-257 FORD 2016 (Cat A)
– ADS-258 FIAT 2016 (Cat A)

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