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Ilco | Futura Edge Plus | High Security Key Cutter

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Built on the successful Futura Edge platform, the Futura Edge Plus is designed so that edge-cut keys can be easily duplicated by copying from the original key, by indirect code, or by direct code. The main feature of the Futura Edge Plus is a tilting cutter unit that also allows the cutting and decoding of Medeco® biaxial keys and operates in 3 positions. The Futura Edge Plus is powerful enough for the professional and ideal for inexperienced users thanks to the software-guided procedures. Designed and engineered to the highest quality standards; you can be assured of precise origination and duplication of edge-cut keys and Medeco biaxial keys. Controlled by a removable 10″ touch-screen tablet, the Futura Edge Plus guides the user step-by-step in all key-cutting operations: for example, in selecting the make, model, and year for automotive keys, in the choice of the right clamp, how to load the key, etc. Futura Edge Plus is compact, lightweight, and portable making this an ideal choice for mobile service operations or where counter space is limited. A mounting bracket is included for securing the machine to a workbench. The patented laser reading of the key profile makes the Futura the only electronic machine in the market that lets you duplicate a flat key without first needing to search for the relevant cutting card.


Work Efficiencies

  • Fast cutting cycles.
  • Patented laser reading of the key profile allows you to copy a key without searching for the relevant card.
  • The tablet and electronics used in the Futura Edge Plus deliver fast start-up and fast response times between the tablet and the machine reducing the overall time to duplicate a key.
  • All exposed screws are made of stainless steel for better resistance to wear and longer life.
  • Details include a tool/accessory holder on top of the machine and a protective shield.
  • The unique 08V clamp has 4 universal sides for holding flat keys, vehicle keys, and cruciform keys. Side B is designed for Medeco® keys.
  • Securely clamp standard residential/commercial keys on side A.
  • Sides C and D are dedicated to automotive keys (“tongue and groove system”) to allow for proper alignment of two-sided keys so that even worn keys can be easily decoded.
  • The color-changing LED lights help the operator to immediately see the process status: white – the machine is ready to proceed, yellow – the machine is in the process of cutting the key, green – the key cutting is complete and it is safe to raise the safety shield.
  • Wi-Fi link between machine and tablet or the user can tether the tablet directly to the machine.
  • Equipped with two USB ports on the back of the machine; one for tablet recharge and one for the tethering connection so the machine and tablet remain connected and operational even when the Wi-Fi connection is lost or unstable. The second USB port can also be used to connect the supplied USB flash drive to import code tables or machine software updates.
  • Software Interface with Instacode® and Kreate-A-Key®
  • Code Maker software allows users to create custom cutting cards for standard edge-cut keys

Ease of Operation

  • Generous sized working area, easily accessible and always clean thanks to the swarf collection system and the pull-down protective screen
  • Shortcut function for vehicle key cutting code searches. Just input the first letters and the software will prompt the make and model you’re looking for, so you don’t have to manually enter the entire field.
  • Multi-language support

Safety Features

  • Transparent safety shield contains chips and isolates moving parts
  • All operations are disabled immediately when the safety cover is retracted.
  • Large emergency stop button on side of the machine

Technical Specifications:

  • Motors: 24V d.c., 5,5 Amp, 130W
  • Power Supply: 90/264V a.c – 50/60Hz/220W
  • Tool Speed: 2100 RPM
  • Prismatic Cutter: D746012ZB
  • Movements: 2 axes (special bushings) driven by step motors on rectified roller guides, 3rd tilting axis (with special bushings) controlled by stepper motor
  • Carriage Runs: Axis X 1.18” (30mm) x Axis Y 1.97” (50mm)
  • Dimensions: 12.52” (318mm) W 16.26” (413mm) D 20.55” (522mm) H with tablet 13.38” (340mm) H without tablet
  • Weight: 39.47 lbs. (17.9 kg)

Includes Standard Parts:

  • Clamp: 08V D9A3598ZR
  • Cutter: U01 D746012ZB
  • Stop 4 Tool, Stop Bars, USB Pen, Brush, Mounting Bracket, Stylus Touch Pen, Z3
  • Calibration Keys, Tools, Hex Wrenches, Spare Fuses

Additional information

Weight 39.47 lbs
Dimensions 16.26 × 12.52 × 20.55 in

Original price was: $5,400.00.Current price is: $5,099.00.