CompX Lid Lock C8414-4G-KA. Code 14917
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Lid locks for cedar chest application and other lid locking requirements.
C8414 is surface mounted and requires a 9/16″ diameter hole for cylinder.
C8384 requires 11/32″ wide x depth of lock full mortise plus mortise for selvedge plus hole for key entry.

Key removable in both locked and unlocked positions.
C8414 has a safety feature requiring operation of pushbutton to lock or latch lid closed.

Each lock furnished keyed alike.

Supplied w/one key. Appropriate strikes & mounting screws supplied w/locks w/additional keyhole escutcheon furnished w/C8384.

Installations: Chest Lid, Full Mortise.
Bolt Type: Hook.
Cylinder Length: N/A.
Bolt Travel: 5/16″, .200″ side shift.
Reference Number: N0-0384-001.
Key Blank: D8890.
C8414-4G: (Replaces C8412)
Installations: Chest Lid, Surface Mounted.
Bolt Type: Internal, Engages Strike.
Cylinder Length: 7/8″.
Bolt Travel: N/A.
Reference Number: N0-8414-001.
Key Blank: D8194.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in