This is a code key cutting machine for special Tibbe-type keys for Ford and Jaguar vehicles, and for high security keys such as Abus and Abloy. This machine can cut a key on both sides without having to remove the key from the clamp, thanks to an integrated adaptor that makes it possible to rotate the key by 360 degrees.


  • Safety feature that engages when the cutter is started and moves the carriage forwards
  • Independent switch to move brush
  • Strong Plexiglas barrier
  • Easy Fit system makes it possible for the operator to secure the key without special tools
  • Exchangeable clamps feature


110/230V-50Hz Motor
Measurements: 15.7″W x 9″ D x 14.6″ H
Weight: 37 lbs.(17 kg)

Bianchi Key Cutting Machine MKS-FALCON. Code 14374
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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in