B440 Serie Safe Deposit Lock Matches with Ilco A-4000 Code 21838

Product Description

B440 Serie Safe Deposit Lock Matches with Ilco A-4000, Lloyd Mathenson M40, Precison P-40,2 Renters Key & 1 Guard Key B440-BR4-RH

Most modern safe deposit locks are actually two separate locks inside one housing that work together to control a single locking bolt. The whole idea is to have a lock that requires two different keys before it can be unlocked.

Traditionally, a single key is used to control one side of all of the safe deposit locks in a bank. This key is maintained by the “vault custodian,” and is called the “Guard Key.” The guard key is always inserted into the lock plug that is the closest to the hinge on modern locks. Once the guard key has been turned and left in the turned position, then the key that the renter of the box controls is inserted into the other plug and turned to unlock the box.

Naturally enough, the key that the renter controls is normally referred to as the “Renter’s Key.” Only when both keys are inserted and turned can the box be opened.

Quality Safe Deposit locks that share the same footprint as Ilco A-400, Lloyd Matheson M-40, Miles X-4, Jim Taylor’s Precision P-40, and Sargent & Greenleaf 4440.

The B400 Series are all U.L. Listed with the exception of the B447 1/2″ Single Nose locks.


Additional Information

  • Backset                             60mm
  • Door Thickness Fits      Customized
  • Lock Cylinder Length   95mm
  • Usage                                Household Door Locks, Bedroom, Channel Lock, Safe Deposit Box
  • Master Key                      Alike Key
  • User Key                          2 PCS Different Key
  • Model                               440L.H
  • Lock Type                        Keyed Lock
  • Weight                              0.3kg
  • Finish                               Brass
  • Key Changeable             No
  • Sales Category               Safe Deposit Lock
  • Product Type                 Mechanical Safe Lock
  • Security Level                4
  • Lock Case Bolt              Deadbolt with Die-Cast Zinc
  • When Lock Open         Key Not Removable
  • Bolt                                 Square Bolt
  • Lock Opening               Right Hand
  • Gudian Key                  65mm
  • Transport Package     Export Standard Carton Box
  • Specification               UL

Additional information

Weight 0.661386 lbs
Dimensions 3.19 × 0.50 × 1.78 in