ATS100 is a turn-assist system specially designed for large commercial vehicles with accurate target detection and recognition capabilities. It can cover 180° on one side without blind spots, and the detection range of targets like pedestrians and bicycles can reach up to 80*7m. It is a complete turn-assist solution for commercial vehicles with acoustic and visual interactive warnings, and can provide active braking functions according to demand.

•A turn-assist system which can meet European standards and pass the UN
ECE R151 certification.
•180° detection FOV with no blind spots. Detection distance of VRUs
(vulnerable road users) is 80x7m.
•Ability to perform automatic braking

More intelligent
•Highly intelligent warnings, extremely low false alarm rate.
•Target classification ability; can distinguish between motor vehicles
and non-motor vehicles

Easy to install
•Highly integrated solution (radar + display), no need for an
additional ECU

Wide Vehicle Compatibility
•Commercial vehicles, buses, trucks, trailers, tractors

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