Advance Diag, Cable Volkswagen ADC-219. Code 18109
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Advance Diag unveils the new Cable Volkswagen ADC-219, code 18109. Advanced Diagnostics proudly introduces the ADC219 cable, tailored for use with ADS230 software and Smart Dongle. This innovative ADC219 Volkswagen Group* Instrument Cluster Reset Cable tackles the challenge of all keys lost scenarios for selected Volkswagen Group* vehicles.


Specifically designed for selected Volkswagen Group* vehicles, the ADC219 cable is your go-to solution for situations where all vehicle keys are lost.
Targeted at advanced auto locksmiths, this cable requires proficiency in removing, disassembling, and re-fitting instrument clusters.
It enables probing a specific pin on the PCB board of the instrument cluster, setting the vehicle into service mode to generate a working key.
A comprehensive user guide and detailed probe point images for various instrument clusters will be accessible on the AD website and Info Quest.
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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in